Rave Review for Candy Whitt Associate

Becky Hollifield

Home buyers and sellers love the personal touch they receive from Candy Whitt & Associates. Candy and her team go the extra mile to meet the needs — both big and small — of their real estate clients.

A recent example of exemplary service involved Candy Whitt Associate Becky Hollifield. Client Susan Earwood, a home seller, emailed Candy to thank her for Becky’s outstanding assistance.

Said Susan,

“Candy, I talked to you a few months back, and you referred me to Becky Hollifield. I wanted to take the time to let you know what a wonderful thing you did for me. I was totally amazed at her as a professional in the real estate market.”

Susan went on to describe how, as a paralegal, she had worked for an attorney who frequently provided legal assistance for real estate transactions. Consequently, Susan is well aware of the quality of service provided by many different real estate agencies. Susan praised Becky for “her communication and the going above and beyond the call of duty.”

Susan futhermore said of Becky,

“She did what it took to get the closing to take place. She took her time and performed extra running due to our being in another state.”

Additionally, Susan gave Becky kudos for Becky’s handling of an “extenuating circumstance.” A neighbor of Susan’s, “close as family,” had passed away during the time of the closing. Susan thanked Becky for her compassion at that difficult time, saying,

“She was sympathetic and just more than I ever expected from a realtor. I could not be happier with her and will list future properties in your area with her.”

Becky Hollifield exemplifies the exceptional assistance and attention that real estate clients can expect from Candy Whitt & Associates. Every home buyer and home seller, during the stressful time of a real estate transaction, deserves a personal touch like Becky’s.