What Is Zillow?

I’ve been on Zillow! What is my house worth?????

Chances are that by the time you are ready to choose a real estate agent and start looking at homes, you’ve visited Zillow.com. Zillow is a wonderful resource, but it’s important to understand how Zillow works and how to interpret its information.

The Zestimate on Zillow can be a very confusing number to both buyers and sellers. Zillow uses county information and published sale information, but this information doesn’t allow you to compare character, quality, landscaping, maintenance or topography. The provided information pretty much boils down to location and square footage. Those are both important to know, but they play only a small part in the whole story.

Talk to your broker who will know how to adjust the Zestimate in order to reflect your home’s personality and true value. We at Candy Whitt & Associates approach each home like we do each of our clients—as an individual.

Last of all, no matter what the current real estate market, never forget the eternal real estate bywords: Location, Location, Location!